His Place

Welcome to a brand new life
Water Baptism
The Gift Of The Holy Spirit
Welcome to a brand new life
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Tongues Devilish or Divine?
Divine Healing
Our Doctrine
Is Foot Washing a part of your doctrine?
60 questions about the Godhead
Speaking with Tongues
The Promise Is Yours
Spiritual Warfare
Apostolic Beliefs
The Bible
Sin What Is It ?
Grace + 0 = Salvation
The Truth About Speaking In Tongues
After Death What ?
Keys to Receiving the Holy Ghost
Saving Faith
Living Water
Except Ye Repent
What Do You Mean Born Again?
Contending for Modesty
Salvation in a Nutshell
What We Mean When We Say
Why We Must Be Baptized in the Name of the FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST
The Way We Worship
Wheel of Prophecy
There Is More To Being Saved Than Easy Believism
Water Baptism According To The Bible And Historical References
Why Did God Choose Tongues ?
Meet the Admins/Group Owners
The Truth About Repentance
The Truth About One God


NEW LOVE … for communicating with God. Establish a daily devotional habit. Talk with Him through prayer, and let Him talk with you through His Word. Make this a regular part of you life!

NEW DESIRE … to be like Christ. You will want to follow carefully in His footsteps, but be patient with yourself. Take one step at a time.

NEW EXCITEMENT … to share the gospel. Acts 2:38 salvation must be proclaimed boldly but with the utmost love and wisdom. Give your testimony, tracts and an invitation to church. Be patient!

NEW QUESTIONS … from unbelieving friends. Its is real? Will it last? Why don't you do that any more? Are you too good for us? A confident smile and a kind word is your best response.

NEW CHALLENGES … from nominal Christians. You may be labeled a fanatic, a heretic, misguided of perhaps even "of the devil." Remember that Jesus received the greatest opposition from the traditional religionists of His day.

NEW FELLOWHIP … with apostolic believers. You will be encouraged and refreshed by being with those of "like precious faith". Determine to become a vital part of a church that believes and preaches what the Bible teaches. Don't miss a service!

NEW AWARENESS … of family responsibilities. Go out of your way to be what God wants you to be at home. You have the greatest godly influence on those who know you best. However, resist the temptation to force salvation issues upon them.

NEW OUTLOOK … concerning right and wrong. The Lord will help you to see that many things you've said and done in the past just don't seem right any more. Be sensitive to His leading in dealing with old habits.

NEW POWER … to overcome temptation. You have supernatural power to say no to the enticements of evil. If and when you do sin, ask the Lord's forgiveness and determine with His help not to continue in it.

NEW CONFIDENCE … in the promise of God. Place your faith in His steadfast Word as the basis for salvation and not in your changing feelings. In Christ, you are a child of God, regardless of the doubts that may arise.

NEW AMBITION … to be used of God. When Jesus becomes Lord, He becomes Lord of all. Dedicate your time, talent and treasure to Him. Make yourself available; God has a special plan for your life!

"If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." II Corinthians 5:17

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of an exciting new adventure for you. We, your new church family, want you to know that you have our love and prayers. We care about you!

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